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The Kuwait Banking Association (KBA) was declared on May 16, 2001 based on Ministerial Resolution No. 82 for the year 2001, to replace the Kuwait Banking Committee established on December 12, 1981, pursuant to an agreement among the Chairmen of local banks, to strengthen their cooperation, facilitate coordination in addressing their common issues, enable them to keep up to date with developments in banking systems, and raise their employees’ standards.

The Kuwait Banking Association consists of 22 bank members :

Member Banks :

1. National Bank of Kuwait.
2. Commercial Bank of Kuwait.
3. Gulf Bank.
4. Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait.
5. Ahli United Bank.
6. Kuwait International Bank.
7. Industrial Bank of Kuwait.
8. Burgan Bank.
9. Kuwait Finance House.
10. Boubyan Bank.
11. Warba Bank.

Associate Banks :

1. Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait.
3. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited.
4. First Abu Dhabi Bank.
5. Citi Bank.
6. Qatar National Bank.
7. Doha Bank.
8. Mashreq Bank.
9. Al Rajhi Bank.
10. Bank Muscat.
11. Industrial and Commercial of China Limited.

Objectives of the Kuwait Banking Association: 

1. Enhancing relationships and channels of cooperation between the association members, and coordinating activities to their common interests. However, all within the framework of the state’s plans, and economic and monetary policies.

2. Discussing member banks’ common issues relating to various business activities and endeavoring to reach appropriate solutions to the problems they face, including the coordination with the government regulatory bodies and legislative branch.

3. The coordination with the Central Bank of Kuwait towards developing the local banking sector and achieving objectives of stability and economic growth.

4. Improving the professional, cultural and social levels of the association members’ employees.

5. Supporting and developing the banking performance in the state of Kuwait to satisfy the requirements of the national economy and reinforce the country’s monetary and financial systems.

6. Supporting and encouraging activities of the Kuwaiti society.

7. Enhancing relationships between banks operating in the local markets, and their relationships with the regional and global banks to ensure the interests of the member banks.

8. The coordination and cooperation between member banks in various media channels for the purpose of furthering the interests of the local banking sector, highlighting its contribution to the national economy and emphasizing its role in social development.